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Divinity School

Divinity School

With a global reputation for academic excellence, Regent's School of Divinity attracts potential leaders from nearly every Christian denomination. Its student body represents a global community compelled by a singular passion—the diligent pursuit of the education and practical skills needed to effectively fulfill their callings.

While the School of Divinity has enjoyed consistent growth over the years, it has been operating with the least amount of dedicated campus facilities and resources at a time when the need for such facilities has never been greater. Currently, the school shares space in Robertson Hall with the Schools of Government, Law and Undergraduate Studies. More classroom and administrative space is needed immediately to accommodate those who seek their theological training from Regent.

Connected to the Chapel by a covered walkway, the Divinity School will be 36,645 sq. ft., providing ample, dedicated space for the school's growing enrollment. Consolidating the School within its own "home" will allow students and faculty to nurture friendships and ministry relationships that last a lifetime.

The School of Divinity is also poised to quickly become a recognized leader for Christian studies throughout the next century. The School established the first Renewal Studies doctoral program and has become the theological and historical center for higher studies in the Renewal Movement. The School's extensive library of primary sources in the Charismatic Renewal Movement offers valuable resources for attracting top scholars worldwide who will write the theologies and histories of the Renewal Movement.


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"Our students are diverse and increasingly interested in ministering to the inner city. We foster this in how we teach, and also see it fostered in the hallways as students share about projects, mission trips, research papers and leadership positions."

Dr. Amos Yong
Dean, School of Divinity
Regent University