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Meet and Greet Supports Military Students

By Brett Wilson | August 29, 2014

Darren Shearer '11 (School of Divinity) and David Boisselle.

Despite their various degree programs and service in the armed forces, before many of Regent University's military students are launched from the school as world-changers, they share one very similar experience: community.

On Tuesday, August 26, some of Regent's military students and alumni gathered in the Library Atrium for the annual Military Meet and Greet networking event, hosted by Regent's Office of Military & Veterans Affairs.

David Boisselle, director of Military & Veterans Affairs, explained that the annual event is geared to help the students seek God's blessings on their studies as they embark on a new school year.

"Regent's goal is to educate students to become 'Christian Leaders to Change the World.' Military & Veterans Affairs does all we can to support our military students in their journey to graduation and entering the civilian workforce," said Boisselle. "We want them to know that they are not alone in the boat."

Darren Shearer '11 (School of Divinity), a United States Air Force veteran, was keynote speaker for the event. The sense of encouragement and friendship he felt at Regent is what spurred him through his studies and propelled him into his career as a writer, publisher and podcaster.

Shearer first learned about Regent while reading a biography of the school's founder, chancellor and CEO Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, as he served in Kuwait. The fact that the school trained individuals looking for a Christ-centered education without necessarily wanting to go into full-time ministry impressed him.

"The school wasn't just about getting ministers overseas," said Shearer. "There was passion to train and deploy Christian leaders."

Shearer's life-purpose is inspired by Habakkuk 2:14, a Bible passage that claims the "earth will be filled with the awareness of the glory of God." Shearer said that no matter what educational field his audience studied, they should each bring the "awareness of God" to all they do.

"God matters in your sphere of influence—it's a very noisy world out there," said Shearer. "We need to make the world aware that God matters."

At Regent, Shearer explained he was enrolled in courses with classmates who were more than just fellow students, but "people with passion," and his accountability partners.

"I spent a lot of time at the library and studying, but what was most valuable to me was the connections, those friendships," said Shearer.

It was the network of friends and supporters that helped launched Shearer into his current endeavor: book publishing.

Shearer published his first book, In You God Trusts, in 2010. He explained that his writing career was not only encouraged but also propelled through members of the Regent community.

"My first book signing happened on campus; my book-cover was designed by a Communication student, my first endorsement on Amazon came from a faculty member and my first customers were Regent students," said Shearer.

His latest book, Marketing Like Jesus: 25 Strategies to Change the World, released this year, and is based on elements from his regular iTunes podcast. Throughout his career and calling Shearer makes it his mission to interview business leaders about their marketing practices and how they lead the world like Christ—and he encouraged his fellow service men and women to live accordingly.

"What is God calling you to do in your field?" asked Shearer. "Recognize your mission to raise the awareness of God during your time at Regent—and then make this world aware of God's glory."

Learn more about Regent University's Military & Veterans Affairs.

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