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SCA Alumna on Second DreamWorks Animation Project

By Amanda Morad | July 29, 2014

Loni Albertson '07 (Communication & the Arts)

Loni Albertson '07 (Communication & the Arts) has made her way to "dream job" status. From the development office of New Line Cinema to the lush campus of DreamWorks Animation, Albertson—who was Regent University's first MFA in Cinema-Television graduate—says creating something and then watching it come to life brings an inexpressible sense of joy.

"When I'm on a set or with a crew, there's something about it that just ... fits. When I'm on set or in a studio, I'm completely at home. That's huge, to find something that you love and are really passionate about and then get to do that on a daily basis."

Hired at DreamWorks in 2009, Albertson has worked as a production coordinator on two DreamWorks Animation feature films: Rise of the Guardians (2012) and Home (2015). On both projects, her job has been to take care of the artists bringing the story to life.

"Every day I was on the floor with the artists making sure they were taken care of and that they had what they needed to get their job done; to keep them on schedule, to keep them motivated, to keep them from being frustrated, and to reel them in when they did get frustrated," she explains. The job has brought a new level of appreciation for animation.

"Usually when you watch an animated film, you're not thinking about the fact that every shot has been poured over in great detail, but they are," she says. "Every movement in a shot, the director and artists have got their eye on it. There's a purpose behind it and it means something. That's incredible to me."

Albertson moved to L.A. after she graduated from the School of Communication & the Arts and landed an internship with New Line Cinema. "That's where I learned how studios work, how movies get produced and how decisions get made," she says.

But it was Albertson's time at Regent that laid the foundation for how to make movies.

"You're constantly working on projects and constantly building on your experience," she recalls. "Each part of the filmmaking process is important, and to have that foundation when you go to get a job is a huge bonus."

Albertson notes that most technical skills can be learned on the job, but the relationships she built with her peers are invaluable. "There are many Regent alums in L.A. working in the industry now, and we're all still a family," she says.

"The biggest benefit of getting my education at Regent was the connections I made with the people there; those are the connections that remain, and I'm confident will remain for the rest of my life," Albertson explains. "That's something Regent does really well: They bring together quality students who are ambitious and talented, and they foster that talent, but they also foster relationships with the people you hope to work with in the future."

As Albertson continues her career in animation production, she doesn't take for granted that, though challenging and competitive, her path is one full of passion and joy.

"I just feel very grateful that I have the opportunity to come work at a place that I love, and I get to do a job that's a lot of fun," she notes. "I get to help make people laugh and have a little more joy, and at the end of the day, that's what it's about for me."

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