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Regent Hosts "First Landing" Chapel

By Brett Wilson | May 2, 2014

Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson.

Act one, scene one of America's story began with a dream and a prayer. On Tuesday, April 29, Regent University's founder, chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson addressed the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Regent communities in celebration of the anniversary of the 1607 First Landing, launching the CBN Week of Prayer.

Robertson recounted the story of Richard Hakluyt, the English chaplain and geographer best-known for the "deep yearning" in his heart to win the natives of the New World over to the kingdom of God.

"Hakluyt had a dream, and he drew it on a piece of paper as he approached the king for permission," said Robertson. "That's what started this country—they were all here to 'rescue' the millions of people who resided in this 'new world.'"

Throughout the chapel service, Robertson reflected on the small group of eight who comprised the Virginia Company—explaining that it was no coincidence that such a powerful nation was born out of such a small tribe of leaders with a shared passion.

"Little could they have dreamed that this seed they planted could have grown into this nation," said Robertson.

The First Landing story is what Robertson claimed encouraged him throughout the days of beginning CBN and Regent. He quoted Zechariah 4:10 as he urged his listeners to "never despise the day of small beginnings"—a lesson Robertson knows all too well.

"I came down here with 70 bucks," said Robertson. "And now I'm simply astounded by the work God is doing. You wouldn't believe what is happening on this campus that you're a part of."

According to Robertson, when God's followers ask him to lead their path they will find, like Hakluyt, that their expectations are generously surpassed.

"Each of us needs to respond to the move of God's work in your heart," said Robertson. "You and I need to follow the lead of God. We need to dream big!"

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