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Jason Peaks Named Campus Ministries Director

By Amanda Morad | January 16, 2014

Director of Campus Ministries, Jason Peaks.

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Regent University's Chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson anointed a new director of Campus Ministries, the entity leading Regent's spiritual charge for students both on and off-campus. Jason Peaks '13 (DIV) has been a university fixture for the last five years, leading the campus' discipleship and worship efforts. Today, he helms the department with a tender heart and a vision for the future of spiritual life at Regent.

"The most remarkable thing about this university is the caliber of students I've come in contact with," said Peaks. "I'm so impressed by their maturity and their growth when it comes to the Lord, and I honor where they're at currently."

Peaks has long worked closely with students in his capacity as University Chapel worship leader and as discipleship coordinator, directing and mentoring the 36 Life Group Leaders, eight Life Group Leader Captains, and four Discipleship Coaches dedicated to Regent's spiritual vitality.

"My hope and desire is that Campus Ministries can be a place where people can hone themselves into the image of the Son," he said. "Our prayer is that we would help every single student here to look more, sound more, and walk more like Jesus."

Peaks noted an emphasis on the life of Jesus this semester in unChapel, the student-led on-campus worship service held each Thursday in the Regent Chapel. The current series is on the Beatitudes referenced in Matthew 5. "What better way to walk something out than to follow the way someone else walked it out before you?" Peaks asks.

One of his goals moving forward is to highlight the importance of Scripture in maintaining a walk with Christ. "It's really easy when students are busy reading textbooks to forget to read The Book," he said.

"I'm excited to see spiritual disciplines brought back into students' lives, like prayer and fasting, journaling, contemplation and meditation," Peaks explained. "Those are all really important aspects of growth and development as Christians."

These disciplines are being fostered through unChapel and Life Groups that meet on and off campus weekly for discipleship and peer accountability. This academic year marks the first for local commuter Life Groups, and Peaks hopes to expand Campus Ministries' reach online to cultivate spiritual vitality among distance students.

"One of my biggest dreams is that every student who leaves this place would say that they grew a little bit more into becoming like Jesus," said Peaks. "I want to see them grow in faith, hope and love, so that wherever they go, people would be struck with the difference in them. I want Campus Ministries to teach people how to be Kingdom people, living a Kingdom life, and creating Kingdom culture."

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