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SBL Hosts Virtual Leadership Conference

By Brett Wilson | December 20, 2013

From Saturday Dec. 8-Dec.14, Regent University's School of Business & Leadership (SBL) hosted its fourth annual Conference on Moral Leadership, "Profiles in Moral Leadership: Profiling Moral Leaders Throughout Time."

The virtual conference, chaired by Dr. Kathleen Patterson, professor for SBL, and Dr. Cornelius Bekker, professor and department chair of Biblical Studies & Christian Ministry for Regent's College of Arts & Sciences, featured seven days of highlighting the world's moral leaders.

Guest speakers such as Dr. Karl Inge Tangen, constituted principal at HLT, The Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology; Dr. Nicki Nixon, associate professor of business and leadership at South University; and Dr. J. Randall Wallace '07 (SBL), regional center director of business and associate professor at Fresno Pacific University joined the event.

"For us, in examining the issue of moral leadership it's important that we recognize leadership is more than just influence, power and prestige," said Bekker. "It's about doing the right thing at the right time for the right people for the right reason."

According to Bekker, morality is the key component that separates a good leader from a poor one. For leaders in many organizations, the temptation to take advantage of their prestige and power in unethical situations is magnified. While their successes may be acclaimed, their failures have the potential to yield major consequences.

"One can consider the political failures, if you look at someone like Mussolini or Hitler and you consider how their moral failures affected the course of history, you start to recognize how important it is," he said.

This years' virtual conference was free of charge, and is currently available for any viewer interested in becoming a stronger leader in their everyday lives. Bekker explained that the virtual aspect of the conference—with its speakers contributing their thoughts via online video—pressed upon another important component of effective leadership: presence.

"Because of the situations they find themselves in, leaders are usually so bogged down with process and procedures and paperwork that they don't get to the people," said Bekker.

Of course, with emphasis on qualities such as morality and presence, Bekker explained that leaders must not forget that everyone will be called into account by Christ, the ultimate leader.

"Leaders often think that the future is open-ended with all kinds of possibilities," said Bekker. "But as Christian leaders we must say that the future is not open-ended but rather, we know there is a final consummation and that Christ will give a reckoning for everything we've done."

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