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Chapel Speaker Reflects on Jesus as Intercessor

By Amanda Morad | December 5, 2013

Dr. Clarence McPherson

At Regent University's last chapel of the semester before students head home for Christmas, local pastor Clarence McPherson reflected on the importance of prayer and on the role of Jesus as "prayer warrior."

"If there's any one who could teach us to pray to God, it's God himself, and he did," McPherson said, citing Luke 11:1, where the disciples make that very request. "He was the greatest prayer warrior the world has ever seen, the mediator of the covenant between God and Man."

Now, he explained, Christ continues that role interceding for mankind.

McPherson then cited Romans 8, in which Paul commands Christians to pray without ceasing, but later reminds them that they do not know how to pray God's will.

"However, the Comforter, the Spirit of God knows," he said. "The Spirit of God prays with us and for us in ways that are beyond us."

Pointing out that two-thirds of the Trinity are dedicated to prayer as God the Father receives them, McPherson encouraged the audience to take note of prayer's power and importance.

"Perhaps one of the most important prayers to pray as emerging leaders who are going to be used by God to change the world is, 'Lord, teach us to pray,'" he said.

"Jesus spent 30 years of preparation for three years of ministry," he explained. "Even after He had been baptized by the Holy Spirit, He was thrust to the backside of the desert to pray.

"If the perfect Son of God needed that much preparation, I think you and I just might need to pray a bit more to finish the works of Jesus we've been given to do."

McPherson is the founding senior pastor of Turning Point Church in Virginia Beach, Va., where he has served for 25 years.

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