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Bishop Courtney McBath Ignites Seven Days Ablaze

By Amanda Morad | September 6, 2013

Bishop B. Courtney McBath

Every year, Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network celebrate Seven Days Ablaze, a week set aside for refocusing on faith and purpose. Bishop B. Courtney McBath '98 (Divinity) kicked off a week of special guest speakers and worship artists at University Chapel on Wednesday,
Sept. 4.

Referencing the gospel story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10, McBath focused his remarks on worship and distractions from worship. "In this age of information and technology, we are constantly bombarded with distraction," he said. "We have embraced distraction as the order of the day. This level of comfort with distraction can draw us away from the good part—from the presence of God."

In the story of Mary and Martha, two sisters and close followers of Jesus, Mary is depicted as sitting at the feet of Jesus while Martha busies herself preparing a meal. Martha expresses her frustration at the unfair situation, and Jesus responds by saying that "one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part." That "good part," McBath explained, is worship.

However, instead of condemning Martha's actions, McBath explained that Martha was doing exactly what Jesus came there to do.

"Don't live your life in the tyranny of the 'or,'" he said. "Live in the genius of the 'and.' It is possible to do what you're purposed to do and still be a worshipper. But it is also possible to do what you're purposed to do and miss out on the essential part, the good part."

McBath noted that Martha began the interaction out of frustration. "You can be unhappy while doing what you're supposed to be doing," he said, citing a personal example from his time as a Regent student. "I was frustrated because I had allowed myself to get distracted by what I was doing instead of focusing on worship."

All in all, worship is most essential, he said. "If you spend your life doing things for Him instead of spending time with Him, it will never bring you peace," McBath explained. "Work has its place, but you can perform the task you've been asked to do and still be a worshipper."

Seven Days Ablaze continues through Wednesday, Sept. 11.

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