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Regent Launches "Take 2 Through College"

| April 18, 2013

Take 2 Through College partners answer questions with President Campo at the April 15 launch event.
Photo by Alex Perry

To increase college enrollment and graduation rates for high school students, Regent University has launched "Take 2 Through College"—a scholarship, mentoring and leadership program in which the university partners with churches, organizations and individuals to support students, especially high-achieving minority students.

"Many young people possess extraordinary academic and leadership potential, but they may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes," said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. "With Take 2, we're being intentional about focusing on Latino and African-American men, a group that social demographers have identified as having a sharp decrease in college-going and completion. However, the program is open to anyone—young man or woman—who qualifies academically for admission."

Take 2 is a matching grant model that partners colleges and universities with sponsoring churches, ministries, organizations and businesses. The program has begun as a pilot project with Regent, establishing an initial cohort of several partners, each sponsoring two students over a four-year period.

The first partners include The Potters House in Dallas, Texas, led by Bishop T.D. Jakes; Iglesia de Dios Eben-Ezer, one of the largest Hispanic churches in southeastern Virginia; Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Va., and New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, Va.

"Education is near and dear to Bishop Jakes, and he's a firm believer in life-long learning," said Regina Lewis, director of communications for The Potter's House. "Our church reflects a diverse community, and we know that if we don't get these young people into the education system, the penal system will get them. We need to intervene."

Campo, who speaks often about the need to identify and mentor high-achieving minority students, developed the concept for Take 2. The name "Take 2" is a reference to early Christian disciples being sent out in pairs (Mark 6:7).

"Men of color are the 'invisible students,'" Campo said. "The achievement gap among African-American and Latino men is an educational crisis, and alarm bells should be going off for all institutions of higher learning," he added, referencing comments made by Molly Corbett Broad, president of the American Council on Education, several years ago on the release of a report about minorities in higher education.

"We're beginning Take 2 with churches because of the historically strong relationship between universities and churches," he continued. "We want our churches to be 'no drop-out zones.' We're all about completion."

A Take 2 sponsor is more than a financial donor because sponsors act as an entire community to surround students with a supportive climate of success. This support structure will help ensure the Take 2 scholars complete their college degrees.

"We want to ensure an empowering connection to the local community that our Take 2 Scholars come from," said Dr. Marcela Chavan-Matviuk, director of Regent's Center for Latino Leadership. "We will be connecting them and supporting them while they are here and engage them in active service for the common good."

According to Take 2 program requirements, participating institutions can sponsor a minimum of two students (or more than two as long as they are in pairs) and be active in the selection, mentoring, nurturing and general support for these students. The sponsor's financial commitment plus the university match will cover full tuition for four years.

All Take 2 scholars will participate in a mentoring program that will help equip, nurture and develop them in the areas of social involvement, academic success, leadership development, spiritual development and service.

"Through this program, we're going to produce young African-American and Latino men who will go out to be leaders," said Dr. Antipas Harris, director of Regent's Youth & Urban Renewal Center. "Mentorship is key, as we seek opportunities to create family for these students and develop their leadership potential."

Regent expects to enroll its first Take 2 Scholars in the fall 2013 semester.

Learn more about Take 2 Through College.

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