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The Living Word: Ancient Treasures from Biblical History

By Brett Wilson | March 15, 2013

The Green Collection features Biblical artifacts such as an Esther or Megillah Scroll used in the synagogue.
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On March 20-23, Regent University will be hosting the world-renowned traveling Biblical artifact collection, "The Living Word: Ancient Treasures from Biblical History." The exhibit features a selection of over 50 pieces selected from The Green Collection, the world's largest collection of privately-owned Biblical texts and antiquities.

"Regent University is honored to be among a limited number of venues to host the traveling portion of this very special Biblical treasury," said Regent President, Dr. Carlos Campo. "We invite everyone in our community to visit this exhibition and experience the important events and courageous faith behind the production and reach of the Book that has altered history, shaped cultures, inspired minds and changed lives."

The Green Collection is owned by Steve Green, president and founder of the national arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby. Green began collecting these Biblical artifacts in 2009, and the collection is now an ever-growing, non-sectarian compilation of over 40,000 different pieces that will someday be housed in a national Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The free exhibit will give Regent and the outlying community an opportunity to explore the impact that the Bible has had on history, culture and countless lives.

The traveling portion of the collection, titled "Sacra Pagnia," features several rare pieces, such as the Codex Climaci Rescriptus, which is known to scholars as the earliest surviving Bible. The exhibit also holds a collection of Dead Sea Scrolls, rare tracts from Martin Luther and some of the earliest printed Bibles in America.

The four-day exhibit is accompanied by a series of speakers, beginning with Wednesday's greeting from The Green Collection director, Dr. Jerry Pattengale. Throughout the week, scholars of Biblical history and artifacts will offer their expertise of the historical significance of the most influential book ever written.

Learn more about The Living Word.

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