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Celebrating Christian Leadership in Action

| January 22, 2013

Rachel Johnson
Photo courtesy of Military & Veterans Affairs

Regent University's Office of Military & Veterans Affairs welcomed back Rachel Johnson, MOL '08, as special guest speaker for its Spring 2013 Military Community Open House for new and returning military students.

Johnson's objective was to deliver encouragement to Regent's military students at the start of the new semester.

Johnson, a former Air Force public affairs officer, emphasized that time management was crucial to her academic success. "I had my 'non-negotiables': prayer, family and schoolwork. I planned my schedule and stuck to it, even doing homework while at lunch or the gym." She began every day in prayer. "God is the source of wisdom, peace, and joy," she said. "Through prayer, I discerned how to plan my day." Communication with key people like family members, her boss, professors and peers was also crucial.

Reflecting on Regent's motto, Christian Leadership to Change the World, Johnson explained that she struggled as a student and Air Force officer to apply the concept in her life. "What does it mean to me?" she would ask. In Baghdad, Johnson put the question in God's hands. "Despite our harsh working and living conditions, I learned that we are one body in Christ, and we are not alone." She joined a small prayer group and the chapel choir. Johnson greeted people each day, "Hey, how are you doing?" And oftentimes she'd offer, "Can I pray for you?"

Johnson finally realized how Christian leadership can be applied when she was approached by a U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel from her chapel group who was redeploying home. "You helped me connect to the Big Guy  thank you!"

"Apply Christian Leadership to Change the World one person at a time," Johnson advised.

Johnson recounted Googling "master's program in leadership" while serving as an active duty Air Force public affairs officer and finding Regent University. Learning that Regent taught leadership from a Christian worldview and Biblical perspective cemented the decision for her. She was particularly pleased with the flexibility of Regent's online program. "It allowed me to continue my studies even during a deployment to Iraq," she said. "My professors worked with me to make it happen."

Johnson's culminating project for her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership is the film, "Light of the World," which may be viewed here.

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