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Students Offer Relief to Local Hurricane Victims

By Amanda Morad | November 7, 2012

Sophomore Stephen Winn does his part to unload a truck of donated goods at the Friday, Nov. 2 outreach.

While the Hampton Roads, Va., region as a whole was spared the wrath of Hurricane Sandy the last weekend of October, several coastal neighborhoods in the area were damaged by storm surges and power outages. Regent University students and parents ventured to one of these neighborhoods, Norfolk's Oceanview, on Friday, Nov. 2, to offer relief supplies to residents.

In partnership with New Life Christian Center, the group assembled bags of relief items like canned goods, cleaning supplies and hygiene items. Small groups of students walked down streets lined with debris and damaged personal belongings to invite residents to the church.

"You really got to see their joy and their faces light up when we told them we had food and things to help them clean up," said sophomore Stephen Winn. "It was really cool because we knocked on people's doors and encouraged them to come out to the church to get food and help them reestablish."

The outreach was part of Regent's Parents Weekend activities. Approximately 30 students and parents participated at New Life Christian Center, and another group of 30 students and parents traveled to downtown Norfolk to volunteer at the Union Mission homeless shelter. The event was organized by senior Ben Kay, director of Regent Serves, an outreach program through the Campus Ministries office.

"It's overwhelming because we take for granted so much," said parent Chris Carangelo, who was visiting his daughter, Marissa. "Just seeing the needs of people here was touching. It's wonderful seeing Regent students out here doing the Lord's work." His wife, Darlene, was equally blessed by what she saw. "We were able to minister to a young lady who had a four-month-old baby and felt like nobody cared about her and that she was all alone in the world. It really was a blessing to see the joy on her face when she received everything. It was a very, very special day."

Pastor Rodney Hammonds, benevolence pastor at New Life Christian Center, echoed the Carangelos' sentiments: "These students really blessed us. They poured out and gave of themselves and they ministered to a lot of people. God really used them to bring service with a smile to this neighborhood."

"It's so powerful that in just a couple hours you can go out and do something as simple as inviting people to the church, but that is such a doorway into people's lives," noted sophomore Sarah Ingerson. Her father, David, served alongside her as they prayed with several of the residents they met. "Today, like with any short term mission, two sets of people are being blessed and encouraged," he said. "Those who are served and those who serve."

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