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President Campo Gives Perspective on Hispanic Heritage

By Amanda Morad | September 29, 2011

President Campo celebrates Hispanic heritage at chapel

In a joint chapel service with Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network, Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo, spoke about the importance of heritage Wednesday, Sept. 28.

President Campo began his remarks in Spanish in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month held annually from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. Recalling his Latino roots, President Campo understands the impact of heritage on a person's identity. "My father gave me my name—'Carlos.' He gave me my heritage," he said.

President Campo then spoke about how divested he was from his Hispanic heritage growing up. "I can quote Shakespeare much better than Cervantes," he quipped. Though the name Carlos set him apart as a Latino, he didn't always appreciate it. "Oh, be some other name!" he quoted from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

It was Maya Angelou's Finishing School, an essay that portrayed a young girl standing up for the name she had been given, that helped him connect with his name and his heritage. "It's precious," he said. "Don't let it go."

President Campo also made a point to celebrate all diversity—not just Hispanic heritage—by highlighting traits that many cultures share, like the love of music and a good sense of humor. "No true inheritance is simply yours," he said. "It's always something you share."

"I await the day we celebrate the diversity that is God-given," he continued. While emphasizing cultural unity, the president made sure to specifically acknowledge the issues Hispanics are facing today, including discrimination, immigration reform and domestic violence.

"We may not agree on immigration issues, but we need to stand up to injustice," he said.

President Campo wrapped up his remarks by talking about the inheritance of Christian faith. Hispanics can often feel "caught between cultures," he said, but finding a place of belonging comes in being a child of the faith. He encouraged the audience to seek out their identity in the spiritual heritage given them by God.

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