Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation

Step 1: See your school’s representative for school requirements

  • Communication – Diane Clark, 757.352.4020
  • Divinity – Jason Wermuth (D.Min. dissertations) 757.352.4403; Jason Wermuth(Ph.D. dissertations) 757.352.4403; Kristal Kinloch and Ethan White(theses) 757.352.4537
  • Education – Joelle Stephens,757-352-4126,
  • Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship - Do not follow the steps below, call Nile Gomez at 757.352.4885 for special instructions.
  • Government – Do not follow the steps below, contact RSG Student Services for special instructions.
  • Psychology and Counseling – Elizabeth Chute/Psy.D. 757.352.4366 or Marie Hohman/Ph.D. Counselor and Ed program, 757.352.4266

Step 2: Complete all necessary forms

Please refer to this detailed Processing Checklist (PDF). The following forms must be submitted with a dissertation or thesis.

More information about the UMI forms is available at the UMI website; the username is dissertations and the password is publish.

Step 3: Submit your manuscripts to the Library

Please refer to this detailed Processing Checklist (PDF) for instructions, and note the following requirements based on your manuscript type:

  • For Portfolios – If you would like to register your portfolio with UMI, bring the UMI thesis form as well as an extra copy of your title/signature page and abstract.
  • For Theses – To accompany your UMI thesis form, you will need an additional copy of your title page, signature page, and abstract.
  • For Dissertations - To accompany your UMI dissertation form, you will need an additional copy of your title page, signature page, and abstract.
  • For Dissertations/Theses/Portfolios - A Charge sheet (which will be competed by your department liaison and emailed to you) must be submitted with your manuscript.

Step 4: Payment Procedure

Your Dissertation/Thesis/Portfolio fees are payable through Genisys.  You will receive an email detailing your fees, which the Business Office will manually post to your student account after receiving that email.  To complete the payment process, login to MyRegentPortal, click on the tab “Tuition and Student Fees On-line Payment” and submit payment through Genisys.

Binding fees: $13.00 per copy; $16.00 per copy if documents are greater than 2 ” thick.

UMI fees: If you are submitting your dissertation or thesis, you must register it with the National Microfilm Database called UMI. This is optional for a portfolio. You may also copyright your work with UMI if you desire (but it is not required). The UMI charges are:

  • Dissertation: $65.00
  • Thesis/Portfolio: $55.00
  • Copyright: $55.00 (optional - make sure you complete and submit page 5 from the UMI publishing agreement form.)
  • Open Access Publishing: $95.00 (optional - make sure that you check this box on page 3 your UMI publishing agreement form. To find more information about this, visit the UMI website using the login in Step 2.)

Shipping Fees: It takes 10-12 weeks to get your personal copies back from the Bindery. If you wish to have them mailed to you, they will be shipped via UPS ground (Domestic) or DHL (International). The shipping costs are:

  • Domestic: $10.00 per personal copy
  • International: $20.00 per personal copy


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