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Regent Apps is a suite of collaboration and communication applications powered by Google that incorporates email, calendar, documents and social networking. This new system will allow students and professors to collaborate in real time using the powerful Google system. It will allow you to manage projects by creating and sharing calendars, collaboratively create and edit documents in Google Docs and video chat with professors and classmates using Google+Hangouts. We are proud to offer such a great suite of collaborative tools to the Regent community and hope that it provides an easier way to work together.

To get started with Regent Apps please make sure to read the entirety of this page to make your transition as smooth as possible.

A few things you should know before using your new email account:

1. You will be given a new email address which will be formatted as follows: Your old email account ( will still be active until May 2013 but emails will be forwarded to your new Regent Apps email account (

2. You will need to forward any emails that you need from your old email account ( to your new email account ( manually after migrating to Regent Apps. No emails will be automatically moved. You can also move emails over by setting up your old account as a POP account in your new Regent Apps account. You can do this by following the directions here.

3. Clicking on the "Mail" link in the MyRegent Portal will take you to your old mailbox. To access the new mail box and the new features of Regent Apps you will need to login at or click the "Regent Apps" link in the MyRegent Portal.

If you are ready to start using Regent Apps please make sure you have confirmed your account at Once you have confirmed your account please login at To report issues or suggest improvements please email us at:

Here is some information about a few of the features of Regent Apps. There are more features available but we can't list them all here.


Gmail Gmail
Use Google's advanced email interface. Google's email comes with a powerful spam filter and over 25 gigabytes of storage.
  Calendar Calendar
Organize your life - keep a calendar for yourself, share calendars with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay on top of events on campus.
Talk Talk
IM with friends and classmates, or make free voice calls to anyone else with Google Talk, anywhere in the world.
  Docs Docs
Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and download them to your favorite desktop applications. Great for collaborative projects, in and out of class.
Sites Sites
Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.
  Google+ Google+
Stay connected with classmates using Google+. Create circles for each class and share information between them all.
    More More
As google develops new tools, Regent and Google will collaborate to bring them to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  7. How do I login to Regent Apps and my normal Google Account at the same time?
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