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Student Email

Regent's email system is currently powered by Microsoft Exchange which gives users many common features such as calendars, contacts and to-do lists. Below are some frequently asked questions and guides about the email system, if you cannot find the solution you are looking for please contact the Help Desk. If you are a faculty or staff member please access the Faculty/Staff Email FAQ through the MyRegent Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I setup email on my mobile device?
  2. How do I set up email on a device that doesnt support Microsoft Exchange?
  3. How much mail can I keep on the email server?
  4. What features are available in webmail?
  5. How do I get to webmail?
  6. Why does webmail look different on various web browsers?
  7. What does the Email Retention Policy mean for me?
  8. How can I empty my deleted items folder?
  9. How do I setup my student email on Outlook or another mail client?
  10. How do I forward my email?
  11. What if I have additional questions?

How To's

How to setup email on a mobile device PDF
How to use the global address list PDF
How to create a vacation message PDF
How to recover deleted items PDF