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Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT)

The Regent University administrative, faculty, staff and student community espouse a foundation of academic excellence based on Christian worldview principles. The objective of producing top Christian leaders who operate in pivotal professions is of primary importance to the university's mission. However, in the event issues arise that warrant concern for the safety of our faculty, staff or students, policies are in place for addressing disruptive, suspicious, or unusual behavior. In particular, these policies function to provide direction in handling homicidal, suicidal, assault or self-injurious threats and behavior.

The Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) was established to provide guidance, uphold policies and address faculty, staff and student safety needs. The members of this team consist of the Executive Director of Student Services, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, Vice President/General Counsel, Chief of Police, Staff Counselor, Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct, Director of Campus Ministries, and Vice President of Human Resources (if an employee is involved). The RUBIT may involve other university representatives depending on the nature of the concern addressed.