Welcome to Regent University

Regent University operates to fulfill a global mission: Christian Leadership to Change the World. As a result, students from many different countries are drawn to our unique programs and upon graduation, join many of their Regent alumni in active leadership roles throughout the world.

While our main campus is located in the United States, Regent University is engaged in numerous international activities including academic conferences, training programs, and consulting. We also continue to expand study abroad programs for our students and offer world-wide access to our degree programs through innovative, Internet-based programs. Under Federal Law, Regent University is authorized to enroll nonimmigrant students.

Whether you attend Regent University as an online student in your own country or move to the United States for your studies, we believe you will find that the biblical principles integrated within each of our academic programs will empower you for more effective leadership and the possibility of changing your world.

As you consider Regent University for your undergraduate, master's or doctoral degree, we hope you will find the information below to be helpful as you learn more about the specific admission requirements for applying to study at Regent University as an international student.

F-1 student visa holders should not book their flights to the U.S. until they have received their student visa and have confirmed the dates of the SEVIS/International Student Orientation program for the semester they were admitted to Regent.

Transfer students who are admitted to Regent for a summer term are required to be enrolled full-time in that first summer term. These students must attend the mandatory SEVIS/International Student Orientation in the fall and should plan accordingly.

Steps to attending Regent University:

Select your Academic Program

Regent University houses eight different schools. Determine which degree program you are interested in and review the details of that degree AND the admission requirements of that school.

Review the Admission Requirements

As an international student, you must meet two (2) different sets of admission requirements:

  1. The admission requirements of your school
  2. Additional admission requirements included in the International Student web site

Learn more about Student Housing

If you will attend classes in the United States, Regent University offers student housing that is located very near the University campus.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered on this web site, please contact International Admissions at IntlAdmissions@regent.edu for a prompt response. We look forward to serving you!

Regent University is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.