Imagery of Regent people and campus

Available Services

Regent University has carefully designed all public areas for accessibility and we are continually improving services for people with disabilities.

The computer lab in the Student Center has a work station that is specially equipped for students with disabilities:

  • ZoomText for visually impaired students
  • Intellikeys keyboard for mobility-impaired
  • Trackball mouse
  • Desk with adjustable height
  • Lab attendant who is trained and ready to help

The University Library also has provisions for accessibility:

  • Workstation carrel for students with disabilities (reference desk & reading area)
  • Special keyboard with large keys
  • ZoomText software
  • Alladin Ambassador reader (choice of voices for reading texts)
  • Reference librarian available to help

Students should always ask for any special accommodation they need. For example, a computer can be programmed to adjust to the needs of a particular student when that student logs on. Contact Disability Services at or 757.352.4579 for additional help.

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