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Regent University, through the Student Services department, provides Disability Services that aim to assist all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives. Office staff will work with faculty, administrators, and students toward the goal of complying with state and federal regulations and integrating the student with a disability into the university community.

The Disability Services department strives to coordinate those services that will enable students with disabilities to act as independently as possible in a supportive atmosphere that promotes self-reliance. It is up to the student, not the instructor, to ask for any accommodation. However, if you observe a student displaying one or more of the following characteristics, please encourage the student to discuss these difficulties with the Disability Services Coordinator:

  • Effort exceeds returns
  • Poor reading/listening comprehension
  • Extraordinarily poor written expression
  • Extreme distractibility/frustration
  • Severe math errors
  • Severe test anxiety
  • Good class participation but poor test performance

The student may be qualified to receive accommodations that will provide appropriate support and equal opportunity. Referrals can be made to Disability Services in the Student Services Office (SC 201), 757.352.4926, or email at

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