Welcome to Career Development

Finding the career path that fits you best can be an exciting adventure.  Or it can be a bewildering, lonely quest.  This site should help you understand career development better and connect you with people and resources to make your path smoother and friendlier.

While you won't find fixed steps to career development, you should understand that certain domains should be addressed, whether you're looking for a first job or making a mid-career adjustment. Resources are arranged on this site to help you explore each domain as deeply as you wish.

What are the domains of Career Development resources?

How well do you know yourself and the work environments that are best suited to you?  Assessments can help you learn more about your personality, personal values, work values, interests, abilities and skills, and your "best-fit" job situation.

Career Services Resource Center
Career Services Coaches provide free direction and assistance in interpreting assessments, gathering career information, clarifying career objectives and directing you to resources to address obstacles. The CSRC can also administer assessments for local students.

Career Services
Career Services can offer you field-specific advice and information, and help optimize your academic preparation for your career objective. Some schools also provide resources and assistance for internship placement, job searching and networking.

Job Preparation
Job preparation resources offer training in professional skills like resumé writing, and networking, as well as connecting you to occupational research sites and more.

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