Career Services Resource Center

The Career Services Resource Center (CSRC) offers direction and guidance from Career Services Coaches/Consultants in the career decision-making process.

Career Services Consultants are well-trained doctoral students from the School of Psychology & Counseling. Career Services Coaches are well-trained master and doctoral students or graduates Regent or another accredited higher education institution. Both on-campus and phone appointments are available to meet your needs best and to accommodate distance students.

Accessing Services

The Career Services Resource Center is located in Student Center Suite 235. Appointments can be made for both on-campus or phone appointments by calling 757.352.4926.

What to Expect in Your Career Sessions

During the initial session, you and your Career Services Coach will work together to gather information about your situation and to assess the steps necessary to help you achieve your goals. This may include a battery of career assessment tests. Or you may benefit from a series of consultation appointments. While there is no specified number of consultations, most find that within two to three sessions, they have solidified their immediate goals in the career decision-making process.