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Student Organizations Charter or Renewal

For information regarding the establishment of a new student organization, please see the Student Organization Handbook, which includes the application for a new student organization. After review of your application, a temporary charter status may be granted for 3 months, during which time, the student organization must submit a Constitution to the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership in order to be considered for permanent charter status.

Please use this form to renew the status of your organization on campus. A charter renewal must be submitted every fall semester for each student organization. If a complete application for charter renewal has not been received within one month after the beginning of the fall semester, the charter will be presumed to have terminated, and the organization therefore, will be removed from the roster of recognized student organizations.

If you have any questions regarding this process please email Jamie Brennan, Assistant Director of Student Activities & Leadership at or call 757.352.4928.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Student Activities

Thursday Feb. 11 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Thursday Feb. 11 – 12:00PM
Writing Quality Research Papers

Thursday Feb. 11 – 12:30PM
An Interaction with a Global Ambassador to the Nations: George Verwer

Thursday Feb. 11 – 4:00PM
Countdown to Commencement

Thursday Feb. 11 – 6:00PM
Regent University's International Film Symposium

Thursday Feb. 11 – 7:30PM
Countdown to Commencement - Online Streaming Event

Thursday Feb. 11 – 8:00PM

Friday Feb. 12 – 8:00AM
ADR Board Intramural Court Competition

Friday Feb. 12 – 10:30AM
Good Fridays Ministry

Saturday Feb. 13 – 10:00AM
Intramural Basketball Games

Monday Feb. 15 – 12:00PM
Juvenile Justice in Uganda

Monday Feb. 15 – 6:30PM
RU Dating?

Monday Feb. 15 – 7:00PM
Black History Month: Selma

Tuesday Feb. 16 – 12:00PM
C.S. Lewis Society Meeting

Tuesday Feb. 16 – 6:00PM
Black America

Tuesday Feb. 16 – 6:30PM
RU Dating?

Wednesday Feb. 17 – 12:00PM
University Chapel — Jason Upton

Wednesday Feb. 17 – 1:00PM
Become an Interview STAR

Wednesday Feb. 17 – 6:00PM
Regent Goes to Town: Norfolk Admirals Game

Wednesday Feb. 17 – 6:30PM
RU Dating?

Thursday Feb. 18 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Thursday Feb. 18 – 6:00PM
Regent University's International Film Symposium

Thursday Feb. 18 – 8:00PM

Friday Feb. 19 – 3:00PM
Good Fridays Ministry

Friday Feb. 19 – 6:00PM
Intramural Basketball Games

Saturday Feb. 20 – 8:00PM
Regent's Got Talent!

Saturday Feb. 20 – 10:00PM
Regent's Got Talent! After-Party

Monday Feb. 22 – 12:00PM
Student Veterans Alliance Membership Meeting

Monday Feb. 22 – 7:00PM
Black History Month: The Butler

Wednesday Feb. 24 – 12:00PM
Presidential Candidate Forum

Wednesday Feb. 24 – 7:00PM
Gospel Fest

Thursday Feb. 25 – 12:00PM
Book Discussion: Beloved by Toni Morrison

Thursday Feb. 25 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Thursday Feb. 25 – 6:00PM
Regent University's International Film Symposium

Thursday Feb. 25 – 8:00PM

Friday Feb. 26 – 8:00AM
Good Friday Ministry

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