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Student Activities Board

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The Regent University Student Activities Board is an organization that provides entertainment, activities, cultural and educational experiences for the campus. The board exists to maintain campus traditions and enrich the community of Regent University. Its members serve the campus in order to provide a holistic collegiate experience.


. The Board is a great way to get involved with Regent's campus, learn valuable leadership & organizational skills, and work to accomplish goals within a team. We'd love to have you as a part of our Board! If you would like to become a member of the Student Activities Board, please fill out our application and we'll contact you soon


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Check out our constitution HERE.


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Student Activities

Friday Oct. 24 – 8:45AM
Good Fridays

Friday Oct. 24 – 12:00PM
Fall Soccer Games

Friday Oct. 24 – 3:30PM
Clash of the Titans® Debate — "Has America Lost Its Leading Edge?"

Friday Oct. 24 – 7:00PM
ABPsi Movie Night — Call Me Crazy

Saturday Oct. 25 – 9:30AM
Flag Football Playoffs: First Round

Monday Oct. 27 – 11:00AM
Internship Info Booth

Monday Oct. 27 – 12:00PM
Federalist Society — Professor Steven Willis

Monday Oct. 27 – 12:00PM
Divinity Chapel

Monday Oct. 27 – 12:00PM
College of Arts & Sciences Town Hall Meeting

Monday Oct. 27 – 7:00PM
COGS Night of Worship: Burn Night

Tuesday Oct. 28 – 3:00PM
Annual Charles L. Holman Lecture featuring Dr. Scot McKnight

Tuesday Oct. 28 – 4:00PM
Intramural Volleyball Matches

Tuesday Oct. 28 – 5:30PM
Fitness Series: Pilates

Wednesday Oct. 29 – 9:00AM
Diplomat-in-Residence Student Information Session

Wednesday Oct. 29 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Wednesday Oct. 29 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Wednesday Oct. 29 – 7:30PM
Duct Tape Fashion Show

Wednesday Oct. 29 – 8:30PM
Zombie Game Night: Sanctuary

Thursday Oct. 30 – 8:00AM
Red Cross Blood Drive

Thursday Oct. 30 – 12:00PM
PILAR Interest Meeting

Thursday Oct. 30 – 1:00PM
Book Discussion: Jews and Words by Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger

Thursday Oct. 30 – 5:00PM
Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Pledge Meeting

Thursday Oct. 30 – 5:00PM
Intramural Volleyball Championship

Thursday Oct. 30 – 5:30PM
Fitness Series: Pilates

Thursday Oct. 30 – 8:00PM

Friday Oct. 31 – 9:30AM
Good Fridays

Friday Oct. 31 – 2:00PM
Internship Nuts & Bolts: What you need to know about the Internship Process

Friday Oct. 31 – 4:00PM
Fall Soccer Championship Game

Friday Oct. 31 – 9:00PM
Costume Party

Saturday Nov. 1 – 12:00PM
Flag Football Playoffs: Semifinals

Sunday Nov. 2 – 6:00PM
Coffee & Jazz at the "O"

Monday Nov. 3 – 12:00PM
Divinity Chapel

Monday Nov. 3 – 12:00PM
CAS Assembly

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 12:00PM
Writing Clearly Workshop

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 12:35PM
CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 5:00PM
VA Benefits Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 5:30PM
Fitness Series: Pilates

Tuesday Nov. 4 – 7:00PM
Writing Clearly Workshop

Wednesday Nov. 5 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Wednesday Nov. 5 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Thursday Nov. 6 – 5:00PM
Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Pledge Meeting

Thursday Nov. 6 – 5:30PM
Fitness Series: Pilates

Thursday Nov. 6 – 8:00PM

Friday Nov. 7 – 12:00PM
Federalist Society — Professor Nathan S. Chapman

Friday Nov. 7 – 12:00PM
Networking for Internships

Friday Nov. 7 – 1:00PM
Fall Soccer Playoffs: Championship

Friday Nov. 7 – 8:00PM
Night of Worship — Andrew & Mary Kat Ehrenzeller and Jesus Culture Band

Saturday Nov. 8 – 8:00AM
ABA Negotiation Competition

Saturday Nov. 8 – 11:00AM
11th Annual Chili Bowl Championship & Tailgate

Monday Nov. 10 – 1:30PM
Council of Graduate Students (Divinity) Town Hall Meeting

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