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Student Activities

Friday Feb. 27 – 8:00AM
College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Internship Application Deadline for Summer 2015 Session E

Friday Feb. 27 – 12:00PM
Careeer Services: "How to Survive a Government Job"

Friday Feb. 27 – 6:00PM
FIFA Game Tournament

Friday Feb. 27 – 8:00PM
Night of Worship

Saturday Feb. 28 – 9:00AM
Robertson School of Government MPA Model Job Quest

Monday Mar. 2 – 12:00PM
CAS Assembly

Monday Mar. 2 – 7:00PM
Burn Night Chapel Service

Tuesday Mar. 3 – 10:00AM
Infusion Blood Drive

Tuesday Mar. 3 – 12:00PM
Catholic Mass

Tuesday Mar. 3 – 12:00PM
Spring Policy Briefing with Adm. Vern Clark

Tuesday Mar. 3 – 12:35PM
CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Wednesday Mar. 4 – 8:00AM
Law Career Services Table Day

Wednesday Mar. 4 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Wednesday Mar. 4 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Thursday Mar. 5 – 6:00PM
Regent University's International Film Symposium

Thursday Mar. 5 – 8:00PM

Saturday Mar. 7 – 1:00AM
Spring Mission Trip

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