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International Student Profiles

The following are profiles of current students from around the world and their unique perspectives on their academic programs and experiences at Regent.

Brinda Patel | David Jimenez | Ra Hee Jeon | Viktor Espana | Arun Daniel|Deborah Arnett


Brinda Patel




           School:  School of Education

           Home Country:  India



My name is Brinda Patel and I am from India. I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Long Island University, New York. I am currently majoring in Elementary Education. This is my second year at Regent University. Coming as a newcomer to this country and getting welcomed by amazing people all around was really helpful. Little did I know God had planned a new journey for me! After graduating, I moved to Norfolk, Virginia. Growing up in Mumbai, a fast pace Indian city and then living in New York, I felt that Virginia was refreshing. I work at OISS as a Graduate Assistant. I am really fortunate to work with the extremely kind Ms. Leeanne Johnson and serve you all wonderful international students.

I applied to Regent because it has an excellent academic reputation in Virginia. Also, it has one of the best education programs in Virginia. I was really impressed with Regent’s marvelous Campus. Not only is the campus beautiful but also has a homely touch. The highlight of the university is the faculty and staff. I have never met such supportive and considerate professors. My experience at Regent thus far has been exceptional. The individual attention here is delightful and I thank God for making Regent a part of my life.


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David Jimenez


School: School of Divinity

Home Country: Mexico


Hello mates, My name is David J. Jimenez Cardenas. This is my second semester in the Divinity program; I am pursuing a Masters in Divinity. I am from the north part of Mexico, from a little town named Piedras Negras, due the coal mines in the surroundings. My parents are pastors in a Church they planted nearly 30 years ago; I spent most of my childhood in church, and I enjoyed. When I reached my youthful years I decided that I want it to be in the ministry, it was not just an emotion but a decision that grew up along with me. Due this reason I finished my bachelors in Mexico and I embarked into a seminar in Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas Texas.

After finishing there I went back to Mexico and started doing ministry. Soon after that I realized that I needed a higher education with regards to ministry, that is when I decide to come to Regent U. When I came to see the campus and the classes, the thing that most impacted me was the faculty and staff. Everyone - administrative, professors, etc. - were always making themselves available to me, even though I was not yet enrolled in the school. That made a big difference deciding whether to come or not. Once I got accepted and came to Regent, the OISS assisted me all the time - I even got an opportunity to work and serve here. So far it has been an amazing experience, the classes are amazing, the professors care about me - they even ask me if go to church every day, or if I need help with something, or just if I am doing ok (Yes that is Dr. Twelftree.) Through the OISS and ISO communities I have been able to connect with other International Students, and get to know them better. My experience so far has been very good and pleasant. I highly recommend considering Regent U. as your Alma Mater for your studies. Thanks.


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Ra Hee Jeon


School: Law

Home Country: The Republic of Korea


I love law school. Yes, as strange as it might sound, I can confidently say that because I am at Regent University. When one is working, studying, and dealing with one’s daily life, it is easy to feel discouraged and forget the priority of the life. Regent not only provided me with a great friendship and education, but it also helped me to set the priority in my life: God. I charge my mind during the devotion in every class and I charge my soul at the weekly chapel where students and professors gather to praise God. When I set my priority right to develop relationship with God before anything else, He comforted my heart above and beyond and He opened my eyes so I could learn His wisdom through the laws and the scripture. I doubt that I could have felt the same if I were at another school.

I used to stress myself over the grades, because our eyes tend to focus on the digits of the grades. However, that is not what God sees. He does not concern with whether I have five talents or ten talents, as long as I put an effort to double whatever He has given to me (Matthew 25:14-30). Even though the schoolwork is challenging, I feel content and comfort as I know I am at the place where God prepared for me. "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5). Full of supporting and competent students and faculty, Regent is a garden where you can grow not only intellectual fruits but also the fruits of life that will last eternity.


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Viktor Espana


School:  School of Undergraduate Studies

Home Country: Philippines



My name is Viktor Espana, and I come from the Philippines. My family moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand when I was only 2 years old and we have been serving as missionaries there for sixteen years-my father is a pastor who works for CBN Thailand as a counselor and manager, and my mother is a volunteer nurse.I also have a younger sister who is currently a high school freshman, and living with us is my grandmother, a former Filipina actress. My family is mostly involved with charity works for orphanages and underprivileged kids; we raise money to provide them with food, shelter, educational materials, and entertainment.

I was privileged with the opportunity of studying in a private international school. Because I had friends from all around the world, I was exposed to the variety of cultures and beliefs they held. This helped me learn about different worldviews, and it also urged me to grow in my faith in Christ. My dad had told me about CBN’s private university, but I wasn’t very excited because it wasn’t my first choice and I wasn’t sure how well their animation department was doing. However,God definitely had plans for me to come here-in just these past six months, I experienced His many blessings through the people that have generously supported me directly and indirectly for my education, and it just made me believe more so than ever that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

After a 22-hour journey by plane, I finally arrived in America. This is my first time living in the United States, and to be honest, it was a bumpy ride. The culture was definitely a big change, but right when I set foot in Regent University, I was immediately embraced by the people. I’m currently living in the Regent Commons, and I can’t believe how comfortable it is to be living in these apartment-style dorms.We strives to work and live as a community, and the respect between professors and students are great.Classes are definitely challenging, but I know I’m learning a lot and it’s pushing me to become a stronger Christian. As an art student, I’m very pleased that Regent University offers many activities and opportunities for students to contribute using their talents and skills, and they encourage the youth to be creative and unique. I’ve made a lot of good friends here, hopefully even more as time passes. The overall atmosphere is warm and friendly, so it makes a great place to learn. God definitely has a place for everyone here, and through mentors he is shaping us into the Christian leaders the world needs today. This is only my first semester at Regent University, and being a third-culture kid, I am proud to be a representative of the international student body.

God bless-or as the Thai people would say-Phra Jao wae phon



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Arun Daniel


School:  Business & Leadership

Home Country:  India


As I was looking for schools around Virginia to study, Regent’s bold and powerful statement “Christian Leadership to Change the World” captured my attention. I’m an ardent reader of contemporary business news; and I have found the fall of successful organizations was due to lack of right values and vision.The prospect of being trained to be a Christian leader with biblical values sounded very exciting for me. With this thought in mind, I started writing my essays for all the three schools I applied for. Regent’s essay questions all ended with one point, “What is God calling you to do?" As I continued to write my essay for other schools I realized that the same questions were asked, but with no connection to God. I asked myself should I frame my essays according to what each particular school liked to hear, or to be true to what God was driving me to do.That helped me to decide that I need to attend Regent.

Now, almost at the end of our first semester I can confidently say that I got what I expected. Our professors teach business principles from a Christian worldview without compromising the integrity of either. The best part of education at Regent for me, a different experience from India, is being encouraged by professors to think critically and creatively. Methodically they guide us to present our ideas within the framework of professional business and biblical principles.

Moreover, the natural beauty of our campus is a huge blessing for a student. As I sit under the tree shade with the wind blowing gently on my face, I flip through the pages and am inspired to write innovative business ideas. I am able to do online research as I sit here due to Wi-Fi connectivity. The knowledge pool we have in our library is something worth mentioning here. For me, as an international student these amenities are priceless.

I’m blessed to work on campus as a student worker. Currently, I work at our library and I’m proud to say so. Each day we work towards providing the best knowledge support for our patrons and strive to deliver excellent customer service. I, also, serve the student body as a Senator for the School of Business & Leadership. I enjoy the support I receive from my department colleagues which helps me to deliver my duties effectively. Even though I’m an international (alienJ) student at Regent I find myself one among many God's children, blessed and chosen to be here to learn and to serve in HIS name.


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Deborah Arnett


School:  School of Psychology and Counseling

Home Country:  Bahamas


My story of becoming a student at Regent University is not a “fluffy romantic” one. There are no extraordinary circumstances involved in the process. As a matter of fact, in 2006 when I first viewed Regent’s website, in response to the gentle encouragement of a family friend and former Regent Professor, I was unimpressed and quite frankly dismissive. Nevertheless, God kept gently palpating my heart through conversations about Regent University - which He orchestrated. At some point, I had to admit that often in my past I have not had the inclination to go where God wanted to lead me, but when I surrendered and submitted His desire became mine. This is a journey of obedience. It is a story of true Love patiently and faithfully pursuing my heart.

Presently (in 2013), I am a second year student in the Doctoral Program of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.). As a member of the 2nd year cohort I have been granted the opportunity to develop and refine my skills in a program with passionate, capable, competent, and committed faculty and staff. In this program I have been challenged and stretched spiritually and intellectually. I can say unreservedly that the professors deeply desire to provide the training and support needed to produce students of excellence. I must provide a quick disclaimer though; we are not “perfect." We are, however, evolving as a community into distinctively astute Practitioner-Scholars. Scholars that I hope will learn to embody the Image of Christ, while engaging the potent lifestyle of obedience to God as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego did.

I do not know where God may be gently leading you to pursue your education, but I want to encourage you to surrender your will and your future. There is no place comparable to that of being in God’s Divine will. While challenges will come, know that “the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7, NASB). In addition, know with confidence if God directs you to study here at Regent, He has gone ahead of you to prepare the way and He will provide for all your needs. Finally, if He has called you here, know that here is not restricted to the school or to the campus, He has called you to this city to be a part of the community, purposefully engaged. Your Divine mission does not commence when you return to your home country, neither does it go on hiatus while you are here it is unfolding now. And I am confident that if you are faithful with investing in another man’s city, God will entrust you with territories of influence in your own - when He wills to. Walk with Him.

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