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Jacqueline O'Dell

Cyber Carer Coach/Graduate Intern

Phone: 757.352.4927

Jacqueline O'Dell has a background in the designing and launching of business plans, the initiation and maintaining of business and nonprofit partnerships, and designing and directing of charity events. Her experience also includes public relations, conflict resolution, team building skills, and much more. She is an extremely valuable member of the Career Services team as she offers a great deal of strategic foresight and leadership skills.

With her experience in project management and strategic foresight, Jacqueline wants to "maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Career Services internship system." She also desires to assist students through career counseling with the hope that they can feel confident in God’s purpose for their lives.

"No matter where you find yourself today, because of the promised hope we have in the Lord, the best is yet to come!"

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