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Undergraduate Registration

To add or drop a class after the start of the term, please submit an add/drop form to your school/advisor.

This form can only be used by UNDERGRADUATE students.

Adding a Course
The deadline for students to add/drop a class without penality is by the end of the first week of classes. Students are to use the add/drop form, available through either an academic advisor or the assistant director of Admissions and Advising. Refer to the Undergraduate Course Schedule for a current list of course offerings.

Auditing a Course
Students who wish to enroll for a credit course on a noncredit basis are classified as auditors. Auditors must enroll to Regent University through regular admission procedures. Audited courses appear on transcripts without credit. Students taking courses for credit shall be given enrollment priority over auditors. Students auditing a course will pay half of the tuition fees. Financial aid will not be applied to audited courses.

Change of Schedule--adding and dropping courses
Students may add/drop courses to their schedule during the first week of the course without penalty. After the last day of the first week, academic or financial penalties apply. If, by the end of the second week of the session or fifteen week term, a student has not attended an on campus course or participated in academic activities for an online course for which s/he is registered, and does not officially drop the course through the Registrar's Office, the student will be administratively dropped from the course.

Wait Listing
Any eligible student wishing to enroll in a course that has reached its authorized capacity may add him/herself to the waitlist for one or more sections of that course via the Genisys registration module. Students with administrative or academic holds should contact their Academic Advisor for registration assistance.