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New Faculty

Required Documents

1 The Form I-9 must be error free and completed by only those individuals who have been trained as I-9 certifying officials or 'designated agents'* acting on behalf of Regent University. In addition, the new employee must view the List of Acceptable Documents (page 5) to select the originial document(s) he or she wishes to provide to the 'designated agent.' Copies or faxes of original documents are not acceptable as verification or to keep on file.
* If using a 'designated agent,' provide this letter of explanation in completing the Form I-9.

Here are two sample I-9's: sample 1 & sample 2 with notary (COMING SOON!).

NOTE: Payroll will send the new employee an email regarding federal and state tax forms as well as direct deposit information. Paper documentation is not necessary.

Send all completed documents to:
Your school's faculty administrator.