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The John G.C. Miller Scholarship

A Regent University alumnus, who is a quadriplegic, established the John G.C. Miller Scholarship fund in honor of her father. The goal, exhibited by the generosity shown in funding this scholarship, is to assist graduate, professional or doctoral students who have physical disabilities in meeting the tuition costs of attending Regent University. The awards made from this fund are highly selective and are limited and vary each year.

Awards are made for one academic year. To retain the award from one semester to the next, the student must maintain at least the minimum appropriate grade point average each semester as defined in the university catalog as necessary to avoid being placed on academic probation. Students must reapply each year.

Miller Scholarship Policy Information

  1. Recipients must be admitted and enrolled in a regular degree-seeking graduate or professional program at Regent University.
  2. Recipients must enroll in, and successfully complete, at least six hours per term in the academic award year, including the summer term if enrolled in the summer.
  3. The scholarship only covers hours that are taken for credit and are applicable to the recipient’s degree program (e.g., “audit” courses or “extra” courses that are not part of the degree program are not covered).
  4. The scholarship award is effective beginning with the fall semester of the award year for which it is granted and is applicable through the following summer term(s), provided all eligibility requirements continue to be met. Exceptions to this award period will not be considered in any situation!
  5. The tuition portion of the award will be credited to the scholar’s student account at Regent prior to the tuition payment deadline each semester, contingent upon the scholar maintaining an appropriate number of credit hours for enrollment.
  6. Scholars must maintain satisfactory academic progress each term. This includes the successful completion of at least six credit hours each term, as described in #2 above, in order to receive the award in any remaining subsequent terms within the academic year of the award.
  7. Renewal of the award from one academic year to another is not automatic, nor is it guaranteed. Students must reapply each year by the announced deadline date for the next year to be placed in consideration for selection as an endowed scholarship recipient in that subsequent year. Application for selection as a recipient in subsequent years is competitive. The number of recipients selected each year is based upon the pool of applicants and funding available.
  8. In acceptance of this scholarship offer, it is required that a letter of thanks be written to Ms. Penelope Miller, which will indicate your acceptance. It is suggested that the letter include what this scholarship means to you, and what your future goals are upon graduating from Regent. Please forward the letter to the attention of the Central Financial Aid Office within two weeks. The letter must be received before the scholarship may be credited to your student account.

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