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Resources to Understand Financial Aid

Financial Avenue link opens in a new window offers interactive online courses designed to assist undergraduate students. These courses will help students in understanding financial aid, budgeting, contracts, credit, credit history and identity theft.

Adventures In Education link opens in a new window provides financial tips for students regarding managing credit and debt wisely. The resources on this page will help students understand how they can become a responsible credit card user.


Credit Card Debt - A Student's Story

A Student's Story - Credit Card Debt

Don't fall into the trap of bad spending habits in college, especially when you use credit cards. In this video, a college graduate explains how living like a professional and accumulating debt while in college forced her to live like a student once she completed her degree.

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Additional Financial Aid and Literacy Links:

Financial Awareness Basicslink opens in a new window provides everything you need to make smart decisions about your financial future. There are also tips and tools available to help you manage your money and prepare you for financial success.

Money Management Tips for International Students link opens in a new window is an informative PowerPoint Presentation with tips on how to budget and save money in the United States.

Deciding How Much to Borrow link opens in a new window provides helpful tips to help you determine how much to borrow.

MyMoneylink opens in a new window is dedicated to teaching the basics of financial education. This is a helpful resource, especially if you need advice or assistance to buy a home, balance your checkbook or invest in your 401k.

College Budgeting 101link opens in a new window is sourced by It offers helpful tips for planning your educational and living expenses while in school.

Building and Repairing Credit History link opens in a new window is another helpful link from Here you may find information on basic credit reporting as well as some helpful tips on improving your score.

Virginia Financial Aid Blog link opens in a new window is a blog hosted by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). If you find yourself asking, "How does financial aid work?" be sure to visit this site. It is an "online resource for students, parents and education personnel who are seeking information about federal and state financial aid."

Student Loan Exit Counseling is a requirement for all student loan borrowers to complete at the end of their program. The Central Financial Aid Office provides various ways to fulfill this requirement.

Best Schools helps students understand the ranking of colleges they are interested in attending.


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