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Tuition Cost and University Fees

Five Things to Know about an Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)?

  1. It combines direct charges with indirect costs associated with funding your college education.
  2. Direct charges (e.g., tuition, semester fees) will be billed by the university to your student account.
  3. Indirect charges (e.g., transportation, food, entertainment) will not  be billed by the university, but they will be included in the overall estimate.
  4. COA is used in conjunction with your FAFSA and other grant/scholarship data to determine your overall financial need and federal financial aid eligibility.
  5. The final COA is an estimate. Actual costs vary from person to person depending on the scholarships and grants received from federal, state, university, and outside sources.

Regent University provides students the following information to assist in making informed decisions about their future and provide a baseline from which they may begin to budget, plan, and prepare. Always borrow conservatively while taking advantage of multiple funding sources. Please make sure to contact your school of enrollment for any available scholarship and grant opportunities.

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