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Course Enhancements

We offer an array of services to help you supplement your curriculum with engaging media. From graphic design to website development, our team of professionals is available to collaborate with you. Our services include:

  • Professional consultation and project management expertise
  • Webpage design, including graphics design, coding, and copy editing
  • Creation of instructional graphics, animations and interactive tutorials

See below for examples of our work. Contact us anytime to set up a consultation.



Bloomwater Burnout

Bloomwater Burnout ScreenshotCTL collaborated with Dr. Elisabeth Suarez in the School of Psychology and Counseling to create this Flash-based course enhancement for CES 763: Supervision and Consultation. Entitled Bloomwater Burnout, this media piece is centered on a case study that poses questions about a supervisory problem to students. They are presented with the initial issue as soon as they open the webpage and then complete the activity by choosing different options presented to address the problem with the employee. Students answer analytical questions about their choices at the conclusion of the piece and discuss them with their instructor and classmates via the Blackboard Discussion Board.

Students found the format of the case study to be unique and helpful in their learning:

"I just completed the DB and it totally rocked! I so enjoyed everything about it-e.g. music, someone reading the scenario, my ability to read the scenario as well, etc. I would recommend more of this type of interaction in the future."

"I really liked this format. It was helpful to progress through the case with available options and an opportunity to analyze the decisions I made. I also found the music soothing. Though I initially thought I would be distracted and turn it off, it did help me to focus on the tasks. I have used instrumental music while studying before, but it is not something I have been in the habit of doing. I may need to rethink that. Thanks!"

"Wow!!! I am not sure of the amount of work you put into developing this scenario but it sure was a profitable learning experience! I enjoyed the concept and the creativity of this project. Thanks for teaching - outside the box!"

English Conversational Project

Conversational English screenshotWorking with the Office of International Programs & Initiatives, CTL developed a website to support a budding initiative to help non-English speaking students connect with native English speakers via Skype. The website combines written and audio versions of typical basic English conversations which are used to learn vocabulary and correct pronunciation.