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Where are you located?

We are currently in transition and will soon settle in our new offices in the University Library.

Which department are you under?

CTL falls under Academic Affairs.

Do you offer services for students as well as faculty?

The Center for Teaching and Learning exists mostly for faculty teaching development. However, the student is always in mind as the end user and the fulfiller of Regent's mission to train Christian Leaders to Change the World. Occassionally we work with T.A.s and will conduct interviews with students for use in research.

Is there a fee for your services?

No, there are no fees for Regent faculty to use any of our services.

Can adjuncts use your services?

Yes, adjunct faculty are welcome to attend our training and workshops or to contact us for assistance. However, when resources are limited, fulltime, regular faculty are given priority.

I need help with Blackboard. Who do I contact?

Start with our online tutorials and see if your question may be answered there. For technical questions, contact the IT Help Desk. For instructional design questions or help with the course template, contact Lena Masslenikova at

Which Bb courses do I need to complete to fulfill University requirements?

You will need to complete Blackboard Basics & Blackboard Advanced.

I've taken Bb courses in the past. How do I know if I have completed the correct courses?

To confirm what CTL has on record regarding your online training, go to RTS and examine the Training Menu at the top left, select the third item down is "Manage My Training." You will be prompted to enter your username and password.  Select "View/Print Event History." Many faculty completed the previous version of Bb Certification that was offered more than 3 years ago. If so, you probably completed it before the current iteration. Because Blackboard keeps changing on average every 2 years and the major change took place in the beginning of 2011 when we transitioned to Bb 9.1, the entire Bb training was redeveloped to teach the most updated features of the Bb that we are currently using.

As a result, we highly recommend our faculty to receive the most updated training of the Blackboard system. However, those faculty who completed the previous version of Bb Certification, who are very comfortable with the current version of Bb and could easily keep up with the changes, can choose one of the following options: 1) can register for the Bb Basics 9.1 training and “test out” by skipping the materials and only completing the assignments that were not a part of the previous version of Bb Certification; OR 2) can register for the Bb Advanced course skipping Bb Basics 9.1. In case of choosing the second option, the participants need to be aware that if they cannot follow the instructions of the Bb Advanced course, they need to either find the solutions on their own or they will be recommended to re-register for Bb Basics.

You should try to complete Bb 9.1 Certification by Fall Semester of 2013. If you have cannot register for the course because a session fills or you have plans for the summer, please complete at your earliest convenience.

I don't understand how I apply the university course template. Where can I find information?

Find job-aids that can help you understand the template process here. Contact the Instructional Technology Administrator (Chris Mack x4747 or for assistance if you don't know where your school's template is located.

How do I get the audio visual support I need in the classroom? 

Contact media services. If you want to know how to integrate the media into your instruction, you may want a consultation with an instructional designer in CTL.

What if I want a video for my course created?

Please contact Media Services.

Can you give me instructions on Wimba?

Visit our Wimba tutorial page.

What are the basic technologies that I will use most? 

Check out our Teacher's Toolkit page to see a list of top web 2.0 applications you can use in your course.

Where do I find information about Regent's Mobile Applications for teaching and learning?

Visit the RU Apps Home Page for information on how to install and use the apps. For articles on how to use mobile technology in your course, check out our teaching solutions page.

Where can I found more about integrating faith and learning into my course design?

Contact Bobby Hill at The Center for Christian Thought and Action at or visit their website.