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Available On Campus and Online

New Section:
February 20 - 21, 2015

CE Hours = 12
CEUs = 1.2

CE Fee:

Registration Fee:
Professionals = $198
Regent = $170

Location: Regent University Classroom Building, Room 227


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CPC351- Treating Sexual Trauma


February 20 - 21, 2015

This workshop educates attendees on sexual trauma, using research and theory. Read more below.

Certificate Available | 12 CEs | 1.2 CEUs

Workshop Description:

This workshop educates attendees on sexual trauma, using research and theory. Attendees will also learn to understand multiple elements of trauma and the debilitating effects of such abuse, while receiving an education on how to treat clients who have experienced sexual trauma.

This program includes these topics:

  • Overview of Sexual Abuse
  • Treating Sexual Trauma
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders and the Dissociative Continuum
  • Mapping of Dissociative Identity Disordered Clients
  • The HEART Model, A Christian Approach for working with Trauma

Who Should Attend:

Psychologists, community counselors, school counselors, university faculty, social workers, school administrators, and teachers, and students

Educational Objectives:

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. List and describe the different types of sexual abuse.
  2. Understand the dynamics and roles of a family affected by sexual abuse versus families who are functional and healthy.
  3. Name and describe post-traumatic stress reactions and other effects of sexual abuse.
  4. Effectively treat sexual trauma in survivors from all age groups.
  5. Understand and apply the technique of mapping with dissociative clients.
  6. Identify and utilize differentiation of clients with dissociation using the Dissociative Continuum.
  7. Utilize the concept of ego states and apply its theory to clients with various levels of dissociation.
  8. Learn the steps of of the HEART Model and be able to synthesize its use and application with clients from both a secular and spiritual framework.

Learning Objectives:

The workshop brings benefit to the community by increasing awareness and competence of clinicians who are either seeing clients who are survivors of traumas or are on deployment to another suffering country or region. The field and profession is enhanced by exploring how to better serve survivors of sexually traumatic situations.


CE Hours = 12

CEUs = 1.2

CE Price Total = $120

Registration Price for Workshop:

Professional/General Registration: $198
Current Regent University Students Registration(ID Required at Event): $170


Regent University Classroom Building, Room 227


Program Schedule:

Day One
8:00 AM - Registration

8:30 AM - Part 1: Overview of Sexual Abuse

11:45 AM - Lunch (on your own)

1:00 PM - Part 2: Treating Sexual Trauma

5:00 PM - Adjourn

Day Two
8:30 AM - Part 3: Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders and the Dissociative Continuum

1:00 PM - Lunch (on your own)

1:15 PM - Part 4: Mapping of Dissociative Identity Disordered Clients;

3:00 PM - Part 5: The HEART Model, A Christian Approach for working with Trauma

5:00 PM - Adjourn

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Dr. Benjamin Keyes, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Dr. Benjamin B. Keyes, born in Virginia, grew up in a typical Jewish family and, since his youth, was consecrated to God and the search for a deeper relationship with Him. Such motivation was attained through honest questioning and fearless exploration as instructed by a Rabbi from Hebrew School. He also greatly values education and learning and since finishing a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of South Florida in 1978, he has attained 5 doctorates. He completed in first doctoral program in Theology in 1985 after sitting on his dissertation for five years. Dr. Keyes then went on to complete a specialization in Theology, three more Doctorates (Theology, Ministry, and Counseling Psychology), and received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity (DD). For Dr. Keyes education has been a wonderful way to expand horizons and foster understanding. Additionally, he has had an extensive career in a wide variety of venues including the classroom. Moreover, he has worked in the field of counseling and ministry, coming up through the ranks of government and private agencies, hospitals, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs, churches, training facilities, and private practice.

In the last few years, research has captured his attention with most of the focus targeted at Dissociative Identity Disorder and both Christian and secular applications to healing. He assisted in developing the Center for Trauma Studies here at Regent with one of the programs aimed at training graduate students to be first-responders in situations of natural disasters and/or man-made disasters. Because of his belief that Jesus Christ is very alive in third world nations and his understanding of the need for workers equipped with His heart, alliances have been formed with Global Aid Network, Operation Blessing, and the American Green Cross to train and certify students with skills they will take into their respective careers. He hopes to continue to develop the Center for Trauma Studies and to do what he can to fulfill the university's ultimate goal of equipping Christian leaders to change the world.

Dr. Merrill Reese, Ph.D.

Dr. Merrill Reese completed his Ph. D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and his M.A. in Community Counseling at Regent University. Additionally, he completed his B.S. in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Regent University has provided many different educational and professional opportunities for Dr. Reese including enhancement of clinical skills as a counselor, graduate education, development of academic instructional skills and opportunities to teach both here and abroad. His educational and teaching experience at Regent has opened him to many new perspectives and horizons as well.

He views counseling much like education in that both the counselee and the student need a place of safety in which they are free to explore the deeper questions of life. The exploration of that which is deep will often create a space between the participants. As painful as that space can be, it is often that pain that is the motivating factor that drives one towards the change or the answers to the questions that they seek. The creation of a sacred space for the participant to do their work thus becomes the task of the counselor and or educator. As a counselor/educator, it is his sincere desire to help create a sacred space for the exploration of the deeper issues and questions of life. As a fellow seeker he also joins with those who question and seek the answers to the ultimate questions and meanings of life.

In his limited spare time he enjoys photography, travel, short term mission trips and playing drums and other various assorted percussion instruments.