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Summer Programs


Professional and Continuing Education offers engaging summer programs for students of all ages. Our littlest students love learning engineering skills in the LEGO camp. While our high school and college age students test their intellect and their visual coordination in our leadership and digital photography institutes. Meantime our English as a Second Language and Cultural Immersion Institute helps students become proficient and comfortable speaking English.

Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Program


Designed to spark the imagination, our LEGO camp classes will teach real life skills in a real-kid fun way.

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ESL and Cultural Immersion Institute


PCE offers three English Language tracks - Beginners and Intermediate, Advanced and Business English. Read more ►

International Leadership Institute


Participants will learn about leading in a global context and navigating the challenges they will encounter in that arena. Read more ►

Digital Photography for Students Summer Camp


Taking an engaging, clear photo is a snap! Master the basics of digital photography.
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