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Educational Outreach - LeadInc. Learning, Mamelodi

Lead Inc Group - Mamelodi - South AfricaRegent Global Educational Centre supports a South African independent Black Economic Empowerment company to provide high-quality and relevant material, skilled facilitators and coaches for skills training. As training material is also developed by Regent University (in addition to the existing South African SETA skills programs of Leadinc.), it enables incubatees to gain understanding in business, from some of the best local and Global-instructors and learning material on leadership and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship training - The outcome of this programme is to see that each incubatee will be challenged to find, analyse, develop and market new or existing opportunities in an open market. Each incubatee will be ‘graded’ on their new business ideas, presented in a formal business plan. After formal, class-room training, incubatees will also be selected to participate in ‘their’ new micro businesses.

Leadership - With leadership, the focus is to assist the incubatees to equip them with leadership tools to present a strong moral compass and make a difference in the marketplace (economy). Leadinc. encourages them to determine their own leadership style and prepare them for the introduction to the marketplace.
Further, training and coaching the incubatee in life skills and maths, will assist them in finding their ‘’calling”/purpose. Incubatees also go through career and personal development coaching with material from some of the best Global Institutes such as the Gallup Institute, and the Regent Urban Leadership Institute. Lead Inc Group Two - Mamelodi South Afric

Life Skills and Comprehension training will be given. Ethics, values-based leadership, future studies, global competencies and opportunities to further a positive heritage of African leadership, to benefit the rest of the world. Training is presented in English.

Maths mentorship and development - This learning and mentoring programmes are developed to further the incubatee’s analytical, reasoning, innovative ability and gain a better understanding of the subject matter as it pertains to business and trade. (In regard, local enginering has assisted as trainer/ mentors).

Entrepreneurship practical - Lastly, putting the incubatees in opportunities (Micro businesses) will give them the opportunity to be able to lead in context, gain experience and live out their values. Although LeadInc.’s work in Mamelodi allows us to gain access to a number of Qualified and Skilled black youth (18 -34 years) to populate our database with these high potential candidates, our desire remains, however, to give these incubatees or young people access to the economy through starting small businesses with them.


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