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Financial Independence


January 15, 2014

Online and On Campus
0.6 CEUs

Certificate Program:


Learning Outcomes:

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Who Should Attend:

Anyone who hopes to start a business, grow a new division, unit, or product in an existing business, or who wants to change the focus of a company.

This certificate includes these courses:

  • Introduction to Personal Finance
    In this course, students will begin with an overview of primary financial categories. They will then consider cultural entrapments that often arise with finances while also discussing and setting personal financial goals.
  • Developing Your Budget
    Here, participants will dive into the details of creating a personalized budget. Beginning with a look at what a budget is (and is not), students will then analyze the components of a spending plan and receive budget-taming strategies to help make their intentions stick.
  • Managing Debt, Building Credit, and Making Smart Purchases
    This course will help students understand and take charge of their debt, their credit, and the relationship between the two. Armed with this knowledge, students will then work through the decision process necessary for making smart, big-ticket purchases.
  • Savings and Investing
    In this course, participants will learn methods for saving and investing their resources in ways that maximize financial flourishing. From emergency funds to long-term savings to stocks and bonds—this class demystifies financial jargon so students can put such processes to work for them.
  • Insurance and Taxes
    This class lays out the specifics of all things insurance. Here, students will acquire strategies for coordinating their savings with hidden insurance hazards, determining their need for life insurance, and navigating through the in’s and out’s of taxes.
  • Retirement and Estate
    In closing, students will engage with teachings on retirement and estate. Topics including biblical perspectives, retirement purpose, early savings, and strategies for wealth transitions will all be explored.

Price for Certificate:

$149 per course
$745 for entire certificate

Program Schedule:

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dr. osterDr. Gary Oster currently serves as a professor and Director of the Doctor of Strategic Leadership program. Prior to his academic endeavors, Gary was an executive in high-technology corporations, both domestically and overseas, focusing primarily upon the computer, electronics and automotive industries.

dr. winstonDr. Bruce Winston is the current Dean of the School of Business and Leadership at Regent University. He is an expert in leadership, organizational development, university administration and strategic foresight. He serves as a lecturer and consultant in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South Africa.

dr. cabandaDr. Emilyn Cabanda has been a conference chair and speaker in operations research and management sciences areas for professional organizations and universities in Australia, France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, USA, Malaysia, Japan, and Philippines.

dr. redmerDr. Tim Redmer possesses a wealth of expertise in the areas of managerial accounting, budgeting, nonprofit accounting and corporate finance. He is a frequent presenter at various professional business conferences throughout the U.S. and has served more than 30 years in public and private education.