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Resume Examples

You will need Microsoft Word Software to open these sample files.

Top 10 Signs of a Great Resume

  1. Most resumes should be one page in length.
  2. Use bullets to make your resume less cluttered.
  3. Contact information should be at the top of your resume. Include: name, local address, phone number, and email.
  4. Include an objective or summary of your qualities. An objective is a brief statement about the type of job you are seeking and your key qualifications. A summary presents your most marketable attributes for the job.
  5. An experience section can follow your objective or summary. It allows you to match up your job experiences with the employer's needs. Include: the name of the organization, the location, the job title, and the dates of employment.
  6. List your job experiences in inverse chronological order with the most recent first. You may also include relevant skills and volunteer experience.
  7. The education section can follow the objective/ summary or the experience section. Include: name, location, and degree of any universities attended, excellent academic performance like G.P.A or magna cum laude, and certificates or special training from a training program.
  8. Use one font throughout your resume. Differ font sizes and use bold and italic words to highlight various sections.
  9. Revise your resume several times to get rid of grammatical errors and irrelevant information.
  10. Your goal is to clearly sell your credentials to employers.

Crafting a Perfect Cover Letter


For more resume help, contact the College of Arts & Sciences Career Services at 757.352.4348 or

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