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Internship Opportunities for Regent University Students

Internships are very important. They allow you the opportunity to learn lifelong skills and give your career a strong start. While some internships offer pay, others do not. Regardless, you should treat your internship like you would a job. Internships offer hands-on career experience for college students and can pave the way for future employment opportunities. Just like job searches, internship positions can become quite competitive. Be sure to research companies and make sure your application is error-free to increase your marketability.

Use the following drop down menus as an aid in your search for internships. Keep in mind that many companies offer internships in a variety of disciplines. As you search the links below, take the time to look through the opportunities listed under other majors. Remember to browse through the search engines as well.

Internship Opportunities for Your Major

Internship Search Engines for any Major

You have the option of doing an internship for academic credit or volunteer experience. Please follow the detailed instructions on the specific forms before starting your internship.

For more information contact:

Lester Deane,
Assistant Director of Career Services
Student Center, 235

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