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Joseph J. Bucci, D.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Business, Leadership, and Management


  • D.B.A., Anderson University, Anderson, IN
  • M.B.A., West Chester University, West Chester, PA
  • M.Ed., William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
  • B.A., Political Science, William Paterson University
  • Ministerial Diploma, Berean University, Springfield, MO

Honors and Awards

  • Presidential Citation, CARDONE Industries (Highest award given by organization).
  • Achieved Advanced Toastmaster status (Bronze level), Toastmasters International
  • Founder and First President, CARDONE Industries Toastmasters Club
  • Permanent Teacher Certification, State of New Jersey
  • Certified Trainer: Situational Leadership (SLII), Leadership Training for Supervisors (LTS), The Ken Blanchard Companies
  • Part of teams planting two churches: Teaneck, NJ and Springfield, PA
  • Recognized for Coordination of first-ever on-site MBA program, CARDONE Industries, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Recognized for Coordination of first-ever National Salesforce Training, CARDONE Industries, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Recognized for Successful Reaccreditation of Business program, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA
  • Best Faith Integration Paper: Christian Business Faculty Association Annual Conference - 2011 and 2014. 
  • Ordained Minister, Vanguard Ministries International.

Classes Taught

  • BADM 440 Business Policy
  • BUSN 110 Introduction to Business
  • BUSN 250 Business Communications
  • BUSN 460 International Business
  • BUSN 470 Strategic Management
  • LDST 410 Human Resources Leadership
  • MGMT 310 Personnel Management Strategy
  • MGMT330 / LDST 330 Ethics
  • LDSL 726 Human Resource Development

Research Interests

Employee Reinstatement, Redemptive Leadership, Christian Faith and Business Integration.

Teaching Philosophy

Arthur Holmes states that Christian universities are distinct in that they cultivate the creative and active integration of faith and learning, of faith and culture rather than allowing these areas to be interpreted by the culture to our students (Holmes, 1987). This integration must take place in both students and in ourselves as Christian scholars. CS Lewis's own experience as a teacher caused him to write that "the task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts." In our age, feelings seek to rule our students' values. We are charged by Lewis to awaken the sleepy minds of our students who are put to sleep by the "cold vulgarity" of our world (Lewis, 1947). We need to know our age and our culture. Our challenge is to help our students know who they are in Christ; how to discern truth from speculation; and how to integrate their faith and live their values in a world that sees Christians as hypocritical and judgmental (Kinnaman & Lyons, 2007).

It is then my opportunity and great challenge to not only present the subjects of my discipline, but to explore the theoretical underpinnings of my discipline with my values-based perspective. My passion and goal to be unapologetically Christian in my approach to teaching and learning. There is no dichotomy where faith and teaching business principles is concerned. John Piper (2009) wrote that, "all truth exists to display more of God and awaken more love for God" (Piper, 2009). Here, Piper is saying that the pursuit of truth leads to a greater awareness of God and awaken more love for God. So my integration of God's truth and my discipline together lead to awakening a greater love of my students for their Creator. With this I will add a rigorous curriculum and set a standard of excellence for my students in acquiring and demonstrating knowledge. The future for these men and women is in modeling their faith within their calling as business persons, where they must as the Apostle Peter wrote, "Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us" (1 Peter 2:12).

I seek to give students every opportunity to succeed by utilizing assignment rubrics, formative assessments and other means to release their creative potential. Our teaching is exampling, knowing their needs and providing the materials that open their eyes to see the capability. I have sought to keep my mind alive outside of the textbooks, and my doctoral work and ongoing research help with this. I want the opportunity to unleash the curiosity of future generations of leaders. I challenge my students to be researchers as well, by telling them that I do not want their opinions alone, I want their informed opinions, backed up and supported by research.

We are blessed to be able to carry out this process of educational development in a Christian environment. Christian education provides a sense of wholeness for our students, to the end of establishing a centered and focused life in the midst of career and social change. It affects attitudes towards work as more than just taking a job and earning a paycheck. It is perhaps more essential in a business career due to the inherent drive to attain success by one's own hand. It is my function and my aim to guide students' thinking to see that there is much more opportunity to express faith and help people develop their God-given talents in a business or management function than in almost any other field. This will require them to know not only what they believe (to live according to their values) but in Whom they believe as well.

Holmes, Arthur (1987). The Idea of a Christian College (Revised Edition). Grand Rapids, MI.: Eerdmans Publishing.

Kinnaman, D., & Lyons, G. (2007). Unchristian: What a new generation really thinks about Christianity-- and why it matters. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books

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Piper, J. (2009, March 19). "All Truth Is God's Truth," Admits the Devil :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library. Retrieved March 04, 2010, from


Dr. Bucci has over 20 years' experience in various Human Resources and Consulting and Training roles, including five years as Director of the Learning Department of a large corporation in Philadelphia, PA. He received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from Anderson University in Anderson, IN. He is currently teaching as Assistant Professor of Business here at Regent University, after teaching for 6 years in the Business, Accounting and Management Department at Geneva College in Western Pennsylvania. Dr. Bucci is also an Ordained Minister with Vanguard Ministries. Joe and his wife Debi have five children, and consider Cherry Hill, NJ their hometown.

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