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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

On-Campus Degree Overview

Online Degree Available

Regent's Bachelor of Arts in English degree program at our Virginia Beach university campus offers a comprehensive study of words and how they work in writing, language, and literature.

Through a range of study in the English language and literature, students have the opportunity to grow in an understanding and appreciation for the good, the true, and the beautiful. They can explore and interact with human nature as created by God and human experience as expressed in writing. They also have the opportunity to better understand and articulate their own Christian worldview by cultivating their ability to understand well, reason well, communicate well, and empathize deeply.

An English degree prepares students for a variety of careers by developing their skills in reading, writing, and thinking—skills that employers around the world are always looking for. At the same time, it also allows them the opportunity to grow in their love and understanding of God, themselves, and the world that can prepare them for a life of leadership and service.

Regent University English majors will take a range of courses in British and American literature, and they may choose from a number of cognates and emphasis areas that will allow them to move forward on their individual academic and professional paths.

All on-campus English courses offered to Regent University majors are also available through our online learning English degree program.

Students majoring in English will develop a strong foundation in literature and composition while gaining expertise in one of the following areas of emphasis:

In addition, the Language & Literature Department offers minors and certificates in French and Spanish. The specific language courses are detailed in the university academic catalog.

Careers in this field are vast and varied including law, communication, journalism, divinity and the arts. In addition to career preparation, the English program seeks to cultivate in students characteristics that mark us as human: empathy, analysis, discernment and a love of beauty.

Mission and Vision of the College of Arts & Sciences

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