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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication Degree

On-Campus Degree Overview

Online Communication Degree Available

Through the Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree, Regent University students examine the role of communication in all areas of life, including organizational communication, interpersonal communication and public media, just to name a few. All Emphases within the Communication major introduce students to the fundamental concepts of Journalism and prepare students as reporters and writers able to understand and communicate large concepts in relatable stories that can impact the world for Christ.

Emerging technologies continue to impact the field of communication. Social media and online communities have altered the way this generation sends and receives communication and, consequently, how we study the field. These advances in technology are brought into our communication courses, resulting in an educational experience that is not only relevant for today, but a strong foundation for your future as well.

The Communication major allows students to choose from three areas of Emphasis:

  1. Rhetoric and Public Culture
  2. Strategic Communication
  3. Theatre

The undergraduate bachelors degree in Communication at Regent University's Virginia Beach college campus will prepare students spiritually and academically for professions in teaching, business, law and other related fields. Students interested in distance learning may pursue this degree through our online learning program.

Course of study outline:

49 Credit hours General Education
36 Credit hours Communication Courses
35 Credit hours Electives (within or outside of COMM)

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