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Bachelor of Arts in Animation Degree

On-Campus Degree Overview:

With Regent's Bachelor of Arts in Animation program, you will learn the art of animation in one of the most technologically advanced communication facilities on the East Coast. Using cutting-edge computer, animation software and design studios, you'll study character and graphic design, gestures, perspective and composition under award-winning, industry experts. Through a combination of training in both traditional and digital animation, you will develop the basic skills needed to perform the standard phases of animation: conceptualization, modeling and construction, texturing, animation, digital cinematography, and post production. Upon graduation, you will be equipped as a well-round artist with a foundational education in art, design, and technology.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Animation is a 120 credit hour program, with 57 credits of major study in the Animation department.

Course of study outline:

49 Credit hours General Education
57 Credit hours Animation Courses
14 Credit hours Electives (within or outside of Animation)

Your animation education will be portfolio-based, allowing you to graduate with a professional "reel" to show to prospective employers.  In addition, you will learn the business of the animation industry, enabling you to better market your animation capabilities.

All students are required to have a laptop that is powerful enough to run Autodesk's Maya and their own copies of required software. See hardware requirements pdf and necessary software. pdf

Please Note: Some Theater, Animation, and Cinema Television classes may carry an additional fee of $70-200/course.

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