Strasbourg Study Abroad Program


Clothes Line

  • Some people brought a clothes line and hand washed their clothes in the tub in their room and line dried them.  This is the cheapest way to do laundry, but it is also very time-intensive.
  • If you would like to try doing your laundry by hand, you may want to consider using the laundry facilities for jeans, pants, or other items that would take longer to clean and dry.

Laundry at the Foyer

  • The Foyer has a laundry facility that is cheap, convenient, and easy to use.
  • There is a washing machine and dryer in the Foyer that you sign up for in the front office. You typically should sign up for a time slot a day or two in advance, especially if it is on a weekend.
  • It costs just a few Euros to wash and dry, including the soap. Tokens to run the machines are available for purchase in the Foyer office.
  • The laundry facilities at the Foyer are smaller than American machines.  The washer and dryer are easy to use once the Foyer staff have shown you which buttons to push. Since the machines operate differently than American machines, get the Foyer staff's advice on what settings to use.


  • There is also a Laundromat approximately 4 blocks away from the Foyer.
  • Ask at the front office for directions.