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Strasbourg Study Abroad Program



Strasbourg is centrally located for weekend travel opportunities. Strasbourg is minutes from Germany, a 90-minute train ride from Switzerland, and a four-hour train trip from Paris. The program is structured to encourage students to travel and experience the history and culture of Europe.

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Tom, who experienced the Strasbourg trip, was also able to clerk for a district court judge during the summer. "We did a very comprehensive program in a five week time period while still having ample time to travel and meet the wonderful and gracious people of Strasbourg."

Ben, another student, was able to clerk for the American Center for Law and Justice in the summer before heading to Strasbourg. He was impressed by the efficient train system in Europe which provided him access to many weekend excursions. "The train system was a fantastic way to see a lot of Europe and still get some studying done (between long naps, of course). Do not ignore Strasbourg and the surrounding Alsace region, however. There is wonderful culture to experience and plenty of good food to enjoy."

Ann, who attended additional summer classes at Regent University before her departure to Strasbourg, commented that her five weeks in Europe exceeded all expectations both in the classroom and in her travels. "I was amazed at the extent of the material covered and the world of culture opened to us by the professors. In addition, I took full advantage of the travel opportunities in my free time."

Other students have said:  "This program has been the most dynamic learning experience I have ever been a part of.  I give it overall an A+."  "I really like the way our courses were laid out - a mix between class lecture, discussion and then real world application." "Good balance of intellectual and cultural/spiritual experience."