Strasbourg Study Abroad Program

Calling Home

Calling the US

  • The country code for the US is 001.
  • Follow the directions given on the phone or phone card.

Calling from the Foyer:

  • The phone in your room will only allow you to receive calls.
  • The phone number to your room will be given to you when you check in.
  • There is one pay phone in the Foyer across from the main desk.
  • A calling card is the best way to make phone calls. These can be purchased at numerous locations. Ask Foyer staff for suggestions.
  • Calling cards can be purchased for 5, 10, or 20 Euro at a time.
  • American calling cards often don't work the same way in foreign countries as they do in the US, so wait and purchase a calling card while in Europe.
  • American cards can have per minute fees when used outside the country that end up drastically reducing the number of minutes you actually purchased on the card.

Calling from Hotels:

  • Be careful! This can be VERY expensive (someone got charged $39 for one minute!)
  • If you're planning to make a phone call, ask for the price at the front desk.
  • Usually they will offer some kind of business rate, per minute for a one time $10 payment.

Other Options:

  • If you bring your own laptop, calling home via Skype, FaceTime, or another internet-based calling system may be the easiest and cheapest way to make the call. This is how most students communicate with their loved ones.
  • Some students chose not to communicate via the telephone with their families/friends and relied on email or social networking sites for communication.
  • Texting is also a good way to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Systems like Google Voice or Apple’s iMessage (iMessage works if you have a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, or iPod). You can use services like these or other Internet based messaging services to text through a Wi-Fi connection. Be careful if you are using your cellphone because data rates will apply. Data can be VERY expensive overseas. The best way to ensure you are not being charged is to turn off all cellphone data while traveling.