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Law Library Protocol


Conflict Resolution--Current Law Students are at all times subject to the principles and tenets of the Law School Honor Code. All other Regent students are governed by the Standard of Personal Conduct, as set forth in the Regent University Student Handbook. Matters not covered by these documents should be addressed according to the principles set forth by our Lord in Matthew 18.

Noise--The Law Library is a professional environment, designed to be conducive to study and research. Students should refrain from using cell phones, and mute all electronic devices, while in the Law Library.

Food & Drink--In the public areas of the Law Library, drinks are permitted only in spill-proof containers. Food may not be consumed, except in the student lounge. No personal electrical appliances may be used in the Law Library.

Student Lounge--The Student Lounge is an authorized food area of the University. The Law Library provides cafe seating, a microwave and a coffee maker for the convenience of students. Students are trusted to leave the lounge in the same, or better, condition as they found it.

Law Library Staff

Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law--In accordance with the Virginia Unauthorized Practice of Law Rules, employees may not:

  • conduct legal research, including Shepardizing;
  • answer a legal question;
  • advise a patron regarding the best resources for research on a particular issue;
  • advise a patron on proper legal citation form;
  • advise a patron on the meaning of a legal term;
  • advise a patron as to what the law is on a particular issue;
  • provide advice on what the text of a law or legal opinion means;
  • provide advice on legal procedure, court rules, or jurisdiction.

In addition, employees other than Law Library Faculty, while they may help users to find a law library resource, are prohibited from providing instruction in its use or assessing the relevance thereof.

Security and Safety--In the interest of preserving the safety of our patrons and the integrity of our collections, the Law Library reserves the right to inspect all bags, packages, wrappings and similar items of patrons entering and leaving the premises.

During the academic year, lost items may be claimed at Access Services. Each summer, contents of the Law Library Lost & Found are transferred to the main University Lost & Found, housed in the Office of Student Services.

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