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Use of the Special Collections Room:

  • Access is by appointment only, for approved purposes.
  • Occupancy is limited to three persons, though exceptions may be considered.
  • Requested materials will be retrieved for the user, and replaced on the shelf only by the attending librarian.
  • Materials so retrieved may not at any time leave the Special Collections Room without the express permission of the attending librarian.
  • The extent of the use permitted is limited by the guidelines associated with the particular collection as well as the condition of the particular item requested.
  • Because temperature and environmental controls are absolutely essential to preservation of older materials, we ask our guests to use the desk lamp in preference to ceiling lighting, and to refrain from adjusting any equipment within the room.
  • No food, beverage or tobacco is permitted in any form.
  • The Law Library reserves at all times to restrict the use of this collection even if prior permission has been granted.
  • This policy is particular to the Law Library Special Collections Room. Please visit the University Library for information regarding other Regent University special collections.
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