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The First Amendment and Civil Rights Collection

Regent University Law Library is the proud possessor of the First Amendment & Civil Rights Collection of over 300 monographs and government documents. These were collected by a private party with a strong interest in the development of civil rights law and its impact on American life, particularly after World War II. The focus of the collection on this period was especially appropriate considering dramatic growth and development of US civil rights and first amendment law during that time.

The scope of the collection is broad, as civil rights touch on many diverse fields. All items relate to a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and included in the Constitution. Some volumes describe a particular amendment to the Constitution. Others discuss a particular topic that is impacted by the Bill of Rights, such as religious activity or academic freedom. Other monographs will cover specific events such as the Kent State civil disturbances of 1970 that have implications on how broadly or narrowly Constitutional rights should be interpreted.

This collection also includes the text of U.S. Congressional hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Senate Sub-Committee on Internal Security. These hearings were held during the "Red Scare" period following World War II. These reports give researchers insight into Congress' struggle to balance national security with the civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

First Amendment & Civil Rights Collection materials are currently on display near the Law Library entrance. Books in the Collection may be used in the Law Library, and, for those with borrowing privileges at the Regent University Law Library, may be checked-out for normal loan periods.

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